PKS-WiFi User Disclaimer
The PKS-WIFI connection is an open Wi-Fi (wireless) internet access and is a free public internet service provided by Politeknik Kuching Sarawak (PKS). Access is completely at the discretion of PKS, and may be blocked, suspended, or terminated at any time for any reason including, but not limited to violation of this Agreement, actions that may lead to liability for PKS, disruption of access to other users, networks or third-party, or violation of applicable laws or regulations. PKS may revise the TOS (terms of service) at any time. You must accept this Agreement each time you use the PKS-WIFI wireless access and the user is accountable for reviewing the terms each time the service is access.


User Agreement:
The PKS internet access points (AP) are placed in selected areas across its campus community and allows for guest with mobile devices to connect to the Wi-Fi (wireless) Internet. By clicking on the "Accept & Connect" button you are connecting to the Wi-Fi network as a PKS-WIFI and are agreeing to abide by all laws, and all state and federal rules, and regulations applicable to Internet use.
Wireless Internet access is by nature is a non-secured connection method. Any information being sent or received over the PKS-WIFI wireless network could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user. Cautions and informed wireless users should not transmit their credit card information, passwords, and any other sensitive personal information while using a wireless “hot spot”.
PKS has no control over the information available over the Internet and cannot be held responsible for content or accuracy? PKS cannot be held responsible for any confidential or financial information patrons may send over the Wireless Internet. All communication over the PKS-WIFI connection is subject to monitoring.


Terms of Service:
Guests will need a notebook/laptop computer or other mobile device with a wireless card or connection that supports N 802.2 Wi-Fi or latest standards. PKS assumes NO responsibility for the safety of the equipment used. By using the free PKS-Guest wireless internet service, you are agreeing to the disclaimer set forth above.